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These Clouds Won't Rain On Our Parade 🎺

On the Menu This Weekend...

Grilled Fresh Triple Tail, served over Capellini with Artichokes and Capers in a Tarragon, Dijon and Parmesan Cream Sauce, with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes on the side.

Save Room For Crème Brulée!


Rain, rain - go away! 

At least our dining room is nice and cozy.  That's one thing about Antoni's when bad weather comes around - it's like a little cocoon of warm lamp light, comfort food, maybe a glass of vino or cappuccino.   

This week we launched a new website - check it out when you have time!  We are so pleased to share it with you, and we're looking forward to its new capabilities and what the next few months will bring. 

Stay tuned! 

We also have some exciting plans in the works for our next-door suite!  With the growth we're seeing, we're always brainstorming ways to make your Antoni's dining experience even better. The author Louise Penny is attributed to the quote, "Life is change.  If you're not growing and evolving, you're standing still, and the rest of the world is surging ahead."  That is certainly so true in our experience at Antoni's - from the very beginning, throughout Covid, and still today.

We'll see you when you get here!

Holly and Eli

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