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Summertime And the Livin' Is Cheesy 🧀


Seafood Manicotti

Tender Manicotti stuffed with Gulf Shrimp and Crabmeat with a blend of cheeses, topped with your choice of red or white sauce (or a mix of both - pictured here), then baked to a bubbly finish.

Key Lime Cheesecake

Light and fluffy homemade cheesecake made with key lime juice on a graham cracker crust with a creamy top layer and a garnish of raspberry coulis.


🎶 Jazzy Friday Night with Denny Skerrett and Trey Boudreaux from 6:30pm-9:30pm

🎻 Saturday Classical Sounds with Brennan and Natalia from 6pm-9pm


Summer has officially begun...can you feel it? 😅

The season is kicking in, and it’s bringing the heat! But so are we, with our fan favorite Manicotti on special this weekend. At Antoni's the livin' is oh so cheesy, and

summertime means EatLafayette, which runs mid-June through mid-September. This year, mention "EatLafayette" to receive a complimentary appetizer of Garlic Focaccia with Melted Cheese. Pulling apart that first gooey, stringy bite is pure perfection, but we have a couple of strings attached to this deal as well - available with additional purchase, and limit one per table, please. 🙌🍽️

Picture this: We start with our house-made sliced focaccia, coat it with garlic oil (yes, we make that in-house too!), and then top it with a part skim buffalo milk mozzarella - the same cheese we use on all of our pizzas and calzones. The result is melty, indulgent, and downright addictive. You’ll wish you could have it every day – but your doctor might raise an eyebrow. 😜

But that's not the only cheese we serve. While a lot of people assume the cheese in our table shakers is Parmesan, it's actually a five-month aged sheep's milk Romano, grated fresh from a massive block right here in our kitchen. We sprinkle it on salads, garnish dishes, and even use it in our luscious Romano Cream sauce. Ever tried the Romano cream over linguine with chicken or shrimp? 🤌🍝🧀

Speaking of cheese, our cheesy grins made it to KADN this week! 📺 We’re beyond honored to accept the 2024 Culinary Excellence Award from the Foodies of Lafayette Facebook group. 🏆 It’s a nod to our unwavering commitment to the quality, care, and attention that makes Antoni’s shine. And our incredible crew members? They’re the real MVPs - upholding that standard every day and embodying our core values to the fullest! 🌟 The restaurant business can definitely have its ups and downs, but it's validating recognition like this which motivates us to continue holding true to our mission.

If the week has you feeling blue like Gorgonzola, Antoni's is here to make it feta. Don't spend your weekend (prov)olone. We'll have some new jazz sounds on Friday with local, long-time musicians Denny Skerrett and Troy Boudreaux in the Blu Room, so stop in and join us. There's mozza shred of doubt that you'll be grate-ful you did!

Cheers to summer, cheese, and good times! 🧀🎉

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Wow....2024 Culinary excellence award from foodies of Lafayette....what an honor.

Eli and Holley you both deserve this....Not only is the food great but the staff has been trained to serve ....

Love you all

Mike and Rosalie

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