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🏃Make Strides to Antoni's for Stuffed Flounder


Stuffed Fresh Flounder

Fresh Flounder stuffed with Louisiana Crabmeat, Spinach, and a blend of Cheeses, then baked with fresh lemon and served with Grilled Fresh Asparagus and Roasted Cherry Tomatoes.

Marinated Crab Claw Appetizer

Fresh Crab Claws marinated in Italian dressing, lemon juice and cayenne, and served over mixed greens.


Did you know that Lafayette has its own marathon? That's right, every year around this time, runners from all over the state and the US gather for the Zydeco Marathon. Some of the course even passes through the Oil Center. We'll usually catch of few of the runners on the Saturday evening right before, grabbing some healthy carbs before they race the next morning.

So today, foodies - I'm talking to you. We're going to talk about speed, stamina and endurance. We're going to focus on our mid-fork strike. Stretching (your waistband) is important, with a rousing warm-up (we suggest a glass of red wine or Old Fashioned, perhaps?) and a gentle cool down (Cream Cheese Ice Cream, definitely). Let's practice good form, using the elbow joint to move the forearm in an up-and-down motion toward the face. Keep a steady pace and stay on course - like appetizers, for example.

We're going for a PR here - the Perfect Repast.

We wish all the runners an amazing race and hope they'll enjoy seeing the sights of Lafayette. To learn more about the Zydeco Marathon, check out their website here.

Eli and I will miss you this Saturday as we attend the wedding of our long-time friends who actually met at Antoni's nearly 10 years ago. We don't want to take credit for bringing them together, but...sure, why not? We are excited to witness their big day, and we know the staff will take great care of you in our absence. In fact, I can't help but kvell over how many compliments we've been hearing lately about their service; it's truly heartwarming and makes us proud. Plus, I've been wanting to use the word "kvell" ever since I learned it this week - "to be extraordinarily pleased; especially, to be bursting with pride, as over one's family."

We hope you'll make tracks to Antoni's this weekend. We look forward to serving you!

Holly and Eli

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