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☀️ Knock Knock Knockin' on Summer's Door🚪


Fresh Halibut

Grilled Fresh Halibut topped with an Orange Gremolata and served with Cacio e Pepe and Grilled Asparagus.

Blackberry Tiramisu

Italian ladyfingers layered with a sweet mascarpone cream and homemade blackberry syrup and topped with whipped cream.


🎹 Friday Night Jazz with Avery Cohen Trio from 6:30pm-9:30pm

🎻 Classical Saturday Night with Brennan and Natalia from 6pm-9pm


The summer season is knocking on our door; are you anxious to let it in? Now that the madness of May is almost over, we hope you have some exciting plans on the June horizon.

Why not start the weekend on our patio with a refreshing beverage and the sound of live music drifting from the Blu Room? Though the seasonal heat is nearly here, the weather is still pleasant enough to make our patio an enchanting space to wine and dine. Catching up on the latest novel or penning some back-dated journal entries? Join us in the mid-afternoon for a sweet escape in a sunny spot. Now that we're open throughout the day on the weekdays, you can grab a late lunch, pep up your day with a cappuccino, or ease into the evening with a glass of wine.

If you're heading to the beach sometime this summer, remember that Antoni's is happy to cater for your family. Whether you bring a whole muffaletta to share for lunch, or a pan of lasagna for family dinner, we can provide the food and cooking instructions to make preparation a breeze.

If you’re aiming for beach-ready confidence, Antoni’s Eat Fit menu is your secret weapon. Designed to keep you on track with your fitness goals, these dishes are both delicious and nutritious. 🥗 Here are some highlights:

  • Pasta Fresca: Prepared on whole wheat pasta, this dish combines freshness with guilt-free satisfaction.

  • White Bean Hummus: Creamy and wholesome, it pairs perfectly with fresh raw veggies.

  • Grilled Chicken: Served with lightly sautéed mushrooms, carrots and mixed vegetables, it’s a protein-packed delight.

Look for the Eat Fit logo on the menu, and don’t hesitate to ask your server about special preparations to make that item Eat Fit approved.

Whatever your summer plans—be it lazy beach days, lively picnics, or spontaneous road trips—Antoni’s Italian Cafe is here to add a dash of sunshine to your day. So, raise your glass (or cappuccino cup) and toast to a season filled with flavor, laughter, and memories. Cheers! 🌟

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