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Private dining room

We are absolutely thrilled to officially introduce the grand unveiling of our latest addition – The Jennings Room, a private dining haven that's ready to host your memorable gatherings! Situated right next door to Antoni's, this exquisite venue finds its home in the very space that was once occupied by Ron Stevens Jeweller. Our journey with this space began in early 2017, when we secured its lease. Through meticulous effort, from lifting the carpet to introducing an extra restroom, and with the stroke of a paintbrush and a sprinkle of timeless décor, the room underwent a stunning metamorphosis, seamlessly integrating with the rest of our restaurant's offerings.

Now, you might wonder about the inspiration behind the name "Jennings" Room. Contrary to popular belief, it's not linked to the Louisiana town. Instead, it pays homage to our cherished friend, Blaine Jennings. Blaine has been a cherished companion of Eli's since he first set foot in Lafayette during the 90s. His invaluable contributions have played an integral role in shaping the evolution of Antoni's.

In the initial stages of our ownership takeover in 2013, a multitude of tasks beckoned for completion to meet inspection standards. Despite the restaurant's prior years of operation, changing ownership mandates a fresh slate of inspections. Amidst the tasks of painting, sanding, patching, and renovating, Blaine's unwavering support shone brightly. I vividly recall a Sunday when the three of us put in around 14 hours of strenuous work, laboring relentlessly to ready our kitchen for an impending health inspection. Blaine's ever-optimistic spirit buoyed us through it all, contributing immeasurably to our new venture's success and, candidly, our sanity.

And that's not all – Blaine's magnanimity once again emerged when we required similar assistance for what would eventually transform into The Jennings Room. As you step into this space, be aware that every corner bears the mark of its namesake, our close friend, Blaine Jennings.

The Jennings Room stands as a tribute to friendship, resilience, and the boundless possibilities that emerge when kindred spirits converge. We eagerly await the privilege of welcoming you to this remarkable space, where the echoes of camaraderie resonate in every crevice.

Reserve Our Private Dining Room

Jennings Room

  • Accommodates up to 25 individuals with comfort. (Maximum capacity: 30)

  • For lunch events, a minimum food and beverage expenditure of $300 is required. For dinner events, the minimum is $600.

  • For parties consisting of 20 or more guests, either a buffet-style service or a limited menu is mandatory. Even if not featured on the Catering Menu, all menu items can be arranged for service. Given sufficient advance notice, we are capable of accommodating specially requested off-menu items. Additionally, provisions for vegan and vegetarian preferences can be readily arranged.

  • Offering plated meal choices at a range of $25 to $35 per person.

  • A well-stocked bar is at your disposal, presenting a variety of beverage selections for your choosing.

  • We provide a screen for presentations, and you also have the option to rent additional audiovisual equipment for a nominal fee.

Jennings Room Details

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