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EatFit Acadiana Launches at Antoni's

Jan 22, 2019

EatFit Acadiana is a branch of Eatfit Louisiana sponsored by Oschner Medical Center in New Orleans.  The organization measures the calories of menu items in restaurants and affixes its seal to items that fall at or below 600 calories.  This initiative promotes portion control and healthy habits within restaurants and offers excellent options to guests who are on restrictied diets.

At Antoni's we are pleased to feature quite a few EatFit options.  We offer appetizers of white bean hummus bruschetta and pomodoro bruschetta that can be made with less oil, no cheese and served with fresh vegetable planks instead of bread.  There is a dish of wheat pasta tossed with pesto sauce and served with sliced grilled chicken and raw Roma tomato slices.  You can even enjoy our 6oz filet of beef tenderloin topped with sauteed mushrooms and served with wilted spinach and brussels sprouts for under 600 calories.